Save the date

Heute gab es eine Nachricht vom Club zum diesjährigen Swatch Club Holiday Event.

Da heißt es:


As time flies, our annual Swatch Club Holiday event is approaching!
This year, we’re bringing the event to Budapest, Hungary’s vibrant capital that perfectly combines tradition with urban flair.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, November 28th (late afternoon) –
Sunday, December 1st (late afternoon), 2019


Premium, Gold and Pioneer Swatch Club members. You can bring one guest along (must be a Club Member, regardless of the status).

Go behind the scenes of Budapest and explore a different side of this capital city with fellow Club Members from every corner of the globe. And, as always, be prepared for the usual unique Swatchy surprises.

We kindly ask you to wait to book your flights/transportation until your attendance has officially been confirmed by email. If you do book your transportation ahead of time, please note that Swatch will not cover any costs if your participation is not confirmed. The cost of travel to and from the event, including to and from the hotel, will not be covered by Swatch.

A 5-star hotel in Budapest

September 27th: You will receive a second email with all the information you need (price of single & double packages, information about registration and payment process, travel info, etc.) to prepare for the registration on Saturday, September 28th.

September 28th: Email registration starts at 11:59 am CEST. Even though space is limited, we cannot accept pre-reservations. To keep things fair, we will use the “first come, first served” process.

October 7th (at the latest): Guests who registered will know if their attendance is confirmed (depending on the space available). We will send a confirmation email that includes the payment link. Once you have made the payment, you officially have a spot on the guest list.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming your way on September 27th!

Kind regards,
Your Swatch Club International