Swatch Club 2017 Holiday Event Moscow

News to the x-mas event with swatch!


We hope that you’ve already marked off December 7-10 in your calendar for the Swatch Club 2017 Holiday Event in Moscow. Registration starts on Sunday September 24th at 11:59 am CET sharp. We’ve created a dedicated page online where you can find all the information and details you need to know about the event and your journey to Moscow. It’s accessible by logging in to your member account.

To keep you sitting on the edge of your seat until Sunday, here is a recap of the event details plus one extra hot tip.

Event overview
You and your travel companion have been invited to the exclusive Swatch Club 2017 Holiday Event taking place December 7-10, 2017 in Moscow, Russia, a winter wonderland wrapped in Christmas magic.

Guests will spend 2.5 days immersed in a full-on Swatch experience complete with fun, art and lifestyle activities, a members-only party and a flurry of surprises. The event includes three dinners, two lunches and three nights with breakfast at a 5-star hotel.

The hot tip? The 5-star hotel is the renowned Ritz Carlton Hotel located in the heart of Moscow!


Prices and packages
Single package: 730 CHF per person
Double package: 1’320 CHF (for 2 people in a double room)

How to register
As soon as registration opens at 11:59 am CET on Sunday September 24th, you can send an email to Make sure you:
1. Specify if you are bringing a guest along
2. If so, include the full name and club status of your travel companion (they must be a club member, regardless of status)

After we receive your email, we’ll send you a message confirming its reception. Remember, we can’t accept any pre-reservations so make sure you RSVP at the right time. Space is limited and we’ll be accepting guests on a “first come, first served” basis. We’ll confirm your participation by September 27th.

By sending us your registration email, you confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions, which can be consulted by following the link below.

For more details
This is the most important information that you need right now. For more details about key dates, the payment process, visa applications and how to get to Moscow, click below and log in.

We look forward to seeing your name in our inbox on Sunday!

Kind regards,
Your Swatch Club International Team